Dustbin day – solid waste route

Every week GBRA together with Neighbourhood Watch have the same message – please do not put your dustbin out on a Sunday, it invites the bin pickers into the town from either Sunday or the very early hours on a Monday morning. Bin pickers start moving into the area at about 04h00 on a Monday morning.
Below is the time table for the despatch of the collection trucks. They leave Kuils River at approximately 06h30 on a Monday morning, arriving at the start of their routes from approximately 07h00 on a Monday morning, so no need to put your bins out on a Sunday at any time.
We the GBRA and NW once again appeal to residents to put your bins out on a Monday morning only – this we hope will show a decrease in bin pickers and vagrants going through bins on Sunday and in the very early hours of Monday.
Truck 1
Start @ Blushing bride continue into Suikerbossie drive then proceeds into Kloof rd.
Total bins =300 x 240l lockable bins.
Then proceeds to the Harbour, between Faure Marine & Beach rd.
Ends @ BP Garage= 1200 Lifts
Truck No 2
Starts @ Gordosbay Industrial area towards Upper Watt street. (including Temperance town )
Total bins = 1200 Lifts
Truck No 3
Starts @ Firlands then proceeds to Mariners way including Sunset drive towards Lemoenboom.
Then proceeds into Dennehof (R –side) from Sir Lowry rd to Hibiscus rd ( Wack-Wack )
Truck No 4
Starting point cnr Sir Lowry rd & Dennehof (L-side ) towards Hibiscus rd.
Truck No 5
Starting cnr Broadlands & Faure Maine Drive towards Hibiscus rd.
Truck No 6
Starting @ Broadlands Village between Onverwacht,broadway & Broadlands rd.
Then proceeds to Sercor drive until 21st avenue.
Truck No 7
Starting @ Sercor drive towards 11th avenue & Dark City.
Proceeds until 21st avenue.
Truck No 8
Strand Trade
Starting @ Greenways, proceeds to Trade in Strand.
Busamed Hospital
Macassar Flats
Cinnamon Square Spar
Truck No 9
Gordonsbay Trade
Starting @ Holiday resorts ( Cayman Beach, Harmony Park, Hendon Park towards Ocean Basket until Breakwater lane.
Truck No 10
Somerset West Trade
Starting with the trade thereafter assisting with Tarentaal Plaas & Cassablanca.

Gordon's Bay Neighbourhood Watch