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Radio Broadcast 10-01-2022

Morning Vanessa and Listeners

Although we are 10 days into the year already, we wish everyone a safe and carefree year ahead.

Well, where shall we start, I think we should look at the beach front over the weekend, Saturday was the busiest day in Gordon’s Bay that I can remember in the 21 years I have lived here, every parking space was taken, even in the green belt areas – it was a nightmare for traffic, as the cars just never stopped coming, and coming, cars were parked anywhere and everywhere and if they could not get near the beach, they picnicked right where they parked on the grass verges – yes traffic had their hands full, and it started early in the morning, by 07h00 the Red Square as we know it was already half full.    But Gordon’s Bay was not alone, the Strand was just as busy and the one impacted on the other, Harmony Park was just as busy.

Sunday was a cooler day but not as busy.  And today we have a cloudy day and maybe that promised rain from yesterday as the clouds look very ominous.

On the crime front, petty theft was high, theft out of motor vehicles occurred on the beach front, people unpacking their cars and opportunists taking what they could as quick as they could, one opportunist did not get away with it thanks to observers and he spent the weekend with four grey walls around him and other opportunists, he will be in court today and out with a date to reappear and will continue to do what he does and hopefully does not get caught before his next appearance, somehow we have to change this situation where they get caught then out on bail, to carry on doing what they are doing.

We have had a number of drink drive issues, too many in actual fact to discuss, when we those who imbibe realise that once you are over the limit, you are not fit to drive, its not you that we worry about, it’s the person you drive into, could cost a life, the inconvenience the vehicle could be their only means of transport, the family, hospital bills and more – don’t be selfish think of others not just that tot or beer that you are drinking – the lives that you effect.   Bars, etc should not allow those who are well over the limit to get into their cars, they should bring in this law, it would make a difference.   

Domestic abuse was also high of the list during this festive season.

House break-in and robbery is also on the increase again it’s the opportunists and maybe organized crime, the holiday makers on holiday and let the guard down – the opportunists are out there and will take every opportunity they get, in a few cases totally ruined the holiday for which we are sad that this happened in our town.   With the amount of people coming into GB over the weekend we saw lots of begging  – going house to house, was this to see who was at home, or genuine begging, window shopping as they say.

Our tent town has been removed from our beachfront and for this we are grateful, but the cars parked are still there and we at the CPF will deal with it this month, to see what we can do to move the people out of their cars to a safe home – one car has held this community hostage you can say for over 4 years – living the life of riley on the beach front, we would all love to step out of our homes and onto the beach In a few short strides, have out washing done, people bring us food, and some allow them to use their bathroom facilities – earn a state pension and have absolutely no expenses, car license expired year ago,  – we cannot allow this as rate payers and this is the year we get it sorted.

Please do not enable those on our streets, send them to the shelters, send them to compassion care in SLP road the more you give like the guy begging outside WW he has been offered work with the pink bibs but it is easier to sit outside WW with a board, he sleeps on the dunes, do we want to encourage this – we don’t – please give responsibly.

The old man begging at the robots, you are not feeding him you are feeding his habits, you are paying for him to drink everyday, and pass out in Berg street – please do not give him money or anything, he must be taken to a shelter for help but refuses because he is being serviced by you the residents, same for the woman, she stays up in Mossies se Nes – please do not enable them – help them to get onto the right path, help through social services. Etc.

Wishing everybody a great, safe week, chat next week

Edwina GBNW

Gordon's Bay Neighbourhood Watch