Next Neighbourhood watch meeting

Next Meeting: 15 Feb 2018

Time: 19h00


NOTE: Our meetings are usually on the second Wednesday night of every month however we had to change it this month due to Valentines day 14 Feb.

Want to make a difference ?

Gordon’s Bay Neighbourhood Watch received complaints regarding theft out of motor vehicles and intimidation by illegal car guards in our area.
Our Members had a brief meeting and decided action needed to be taken.
  • While confronting the illegal car guards, weapons and bibs were confiscated and they were asked to clear the area or face the law.  As always members of the public need to be actively involved to help keep criminal activity from our town.  For the past few years we have been asking and ‘begging’ residents, shop owners and visitors to our town, to please not give handouts to the vagrants and homeless, rather SUPPORT SHELTERS, which is a COCT campaign.
Register as a Member today and help claim our town back!!!

Gordon’s Bay consists of eight zones with zone leaders managing each zone by scheduling patrols and operations within the their respective zones.

We need every resident to be part of the Neighbourhood Watch team to combat crime and to help keep our statistics manageable.

Be part of the solution and help keep our town picture perfect!

Gordon’s Bay Neighbourhood watch is linked using Whatsapp groups and our radio network and works  closely with all law enforcement agencies and often form part of operations to combat crime and to grow a strong community presence.

It’s still free to join.


Gordon's Bay Neighbourhood Watch